Q & A with myself.

You self-published your book, Run Like Hell, in 2012.  When can we expect another book?

Oh, I’ve been writing.  Believe me, I’ve started a lot of different books.


(silence).  That’s the question I ask myself everyday.  Which is why I’m now sitting here doing with Q & A with myself.  It’s time for a clean slate – a fresh start.  Put the past behind me.

Sounds like good advice.  What prompted you to take a new approach to your writing?

Bottom line – two things prevented me from publishing Book 2.  First, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment for self-publishing Run Like Hell.  I was extremely happy with the sales, as well as the free downloads.  One day I had 9,500 free downloads.  That completely took me by surprise, especially since I didn’t market my book as free for that particular day.  Perhaps with my sense of accomplishment, I got complacent.

The second thing that happened was I read reviews.  All the time.  Not good.  Sure – some reviews were print worthy – the kind you tape next to your computer to keep you motivated.  They were that nice and encouraging.  However, there were some reviews that were not nice – at all.  Mean, nasty, confidence busters.  They say you have to have a “thick skin”.  I thought I could handle reading reviews but then I had to stop.  I guess my skin wasn’t as thick as I thought.

But everyone gets some bad reviews….

True.  But the negative reviews left me feeling like perhaps my writing wasn’t good enough.  I’m at the mercy of the public’s opinion – the huge landscape of the internet for people to say whatever they want to say because it’s such a faceless landscape.

In January 2013 I went on a writer’s cruise with the Florida Romance Writer’s.  It was an amazingly great time – just the refresher I needed to get my motivation back in check.  And of all people to be on the cruise / conference was THE Charlaine Harris.  Sookie’s maker.  One night I had the pleasure of speaking with her on deck and I asked her if she read reviews.  And she looked at me, and in her sweet – down to earth voice – told me no.   Even she gets nasty reviews – or got them.  She totally related to my insecurities over reviews.  It was so great to hear that even a huge power house like herself deals with similar issues.  And – just to be clear – I’m not comparing my writing to hers.  I”m just saying we’ve shared similar experiences & feelings over dealing with negative online reviews.

So what genres have you been reading lately?  What’s inspired you lately?

I enjoy all types of writing – but some of my favorites include Kresley Kole, her Immortals After Dark series, as well as her YA Arcana series – book 1 was Poison Princess.  I’m also really enjoying Colleen Hoover’s blog www.colleenhoover.com.  She just says whatever is on her mind – I love her fresh approach.  And she’s so funny too!  And her New Adult books are very well written – her Slammed Series.  In addition, when shopping at Walmart I’ve bought several of Abbi Glines Seabreeze Series – another New Adult series I’m enjoying.  And because Entertainment Weekly did a feature on Divergent my husband bought me that book and I really enjoyed it.  Haven’t read the whole series though.

What’s your latest book about?  What genre?

I’ve always been writing YA but lately I’ve been writing New Adult.  I’m in the final stages of what will be a series of New Adult books which I want to release relatively back to back.  The first book is set for publication this December.

What’s your writing style?  When do you have time to write?

(sigh) That’s my constant struggle but going back to the “clean slate” motto I’m going to tackle my writing in the afternoons at the library where I’m not prone to distractions.  I work at night as a server in a restaurant so my evenings aren’t ideal for writing.  Besides, I’m more motivated to write in the daytime.  But bottom line is – I’m going to get my word count in every date despite the hour of the day that I write.

Well, Good Luck!  We look forward to your writing and can’t wait for the book release.

And thank YOU!  You will certainly be the first person I share the finished product with.









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