Back-to-School…I mean “writing”

The kids are officially on the bus, or already at school as I begin writing this post.  What does that mean?  A better writing schedule for myself.  With a deadline of September 10th knocking on my door I need to buckle-down.

The summer had its highlights – fun days at the pool, theme parks, boating, zoo, etc.  It had its low points too – too much rough-housing, too much xBox 360, 100 degree heat, too little reading (on my kids part).

As of today, though – we’re all on a new schedule.  No more sleeping in during the week, no more “brunches”, no late-night television.

I like having a stricter schedule – and I prefer a quiet house for my writing.

I wish you all a wonderful week, whether you’re attending school or putting kids on the bus!!  But I will be baking my homemade “Back to School Chocolate Chip Cookies” later this afternoon for the kids after-school-snack.  That’s one annual tradition my family relishes!  But first I #amwriting.

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