Haiku: Run Like Hell

I’m feeling poetic – a feeling I haven’t experienced since high school…long ago.  I came across a Haiku recently and thought, “I should write one too!”  Then I had to think…what exactly IS a Haiku??!

Here’s a refresher for anyone (myself included) who isn’t familiar with the rules of a Haiku.  First line: five syllables, second line: seven syllables, last line: five syllables.  Sounds simple…or is it?

Here’s my Haiku for my young adult novel, Run Like Hell.  My main character, Morgan, finds herself in a rather terrifying situation…


“Run Like Hell Haiku”

by Elena Andrews

Alone on a road.

Headlights provide sweet relief.

But has help arrived?



About Elena Andrews

In between writing, Elena is busy tweeting, texting, and blogging. Candy makes her happy. She enjoys reading, drinking skim lattes and being outdoors. She is currently working on several YA projects and has a comic adaptation of RUN LIKE HELL, released in 2013.

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