Q & A with myself.

You self-published your book, Run Like Hell, in 2012.  When can we expect another book? Oh, I’ve been writing.  Believe me, I’ve started a lot of different books. And? (silence).  That’s the question I ask myself everyday.  Which is why I’m now sitting here doing with Q & A with myself.  It’s time for a […]

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Clean Slate

Not much has changed since I last posted – almost a year ago! – but then again, I feel as if EVERYTHING has changed too. Without any explanation – I’m here to say that I’m off to a fresh start.  “Back at it” – “Back in the saddle” – you get my drift.  I have […]

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Back-to-School…I mean “writing”

The kids are officially on the bus, or already at school as I begin writing this post.  What does that mean?  A better writing schedule for myself.  With a deadline of September 10th knocking on my door I need to buckle-down. The summer had its highlights – fun days at the pool, theme parks, boating, […]

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The Almost Top-Ten Book Series: An Elena Andrews List

I’ve moved around – ALOT – and moving equates to packing & purging.  I’m now settled into my house, with no future plans on moving, so I’m always preoccupied with organization and still more purging.   Clutter is a constant distraction for me. I recently had the idea to blog about my favorite book series.  I’ve […]

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Haiku: Run Like Hell

I’m feeling poetic – a feeling I haven’t experienced since high school…long ago.  I came across a Haiku recently and thought, “I should write one too!”  Then I had to think…what exactly IS a Haiku??! Here’s a refresher for anyone (myself included) who isn’t familiar with the rules of a Haiku.  First line: five syllables, […]

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Baseball & Writing: Striving for the Home Run Hit

My son pitched five shut-out innings during his last little league tournament game this week – the first tournament he competed in.  A stellar performance on his part but his team lost, 2 to 1 in the final inning.  The stakes were high -“Win or go home.”   The loss resulted in his team packing up […]

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Jumping into COMICS

What I love about writing is having my characters leap onto other platforms.  No sense in keeping my hero’s and heroine’s in black and white Times New Roman font. What better way for characters and stories to come to life than in comics? I co-wrote my first comic in 2011 for The Gathering Love Letters […]

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Summer – she’s knocking on my front door, beckoning me outside.  “Go to the pool, escape into your thoughts and stories while you mow the lawn, play baseball outside,”  she smiles, her face luminescent and sparkling. She’s certainly convincing. Meanwhile, my familiar desk is moaning and groaning under the weight of papers, deadlines, and handwritten […]

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An Author’s Imagination

“Where do you get your ideas from to write books?” I’m often asked. Many places.  Many diverse places.  I keep my mind open to anything and, gratefully, the stories present themselves.  All I have to do is type them out (a slower process than the idea building unfortunately). For instance, my brother recently visited – […]

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My Website Launch

I am so excited to be writing this post introducing you all to my new website.  It’s a smoother, cleaner platform than my blogspot blog.  Don’t get me wrong, I was happy and comfortable with blogspot – but I’m completely stoked to say this is MY homepage.  I hope you like the site as much […]

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